About the Festhalle

Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten brings an authentic biergarten experience to Asbury Park. We welcome you to join us in the centuries-old European tradition - communal tables where friends and soon-to-be-new-friends mingle in a lively, friendly atmosphere energized by a regular schedule of live & local music. The establishment features a 9,000 square foot outdoor rooftop Biergarten and 6,000 square foot indoor halle. our expert bartenders pour 41 premium draft beers and serve over 100 bottled biers including American craft and rare import biers. 

The menu is classic biergarten fare, flavorful, perfectly executed and cooked to order. the delicious choices include traditional wursts, schnitzels and of course, our famous Belgian bretzel. The word "Fest-halle" literally means "Feast-Hall," but is best translated as "Festival Hall." Festhalles are commonplace in Germany and can be found in many towns and cities, they range in size and use from small neighborhood activity centers, to large-capacity stadiums able to seat thousands of spectators. The Festhalle is a place to gather and experience incredible food, music and our incredible AP community.



August 9, 2015, Bergen Record

A Shore Thing: Good times flow at Asbury Park beer garden

The German word is gemütlichkeit. Warmth, conviviality, fellowship.It's not something American bars are always known for. The moody, solitary drinker, downing one for my baby and one more for the road, is closer to our style. "Sharing a drink they call loneliness," as Billy Joel would put it.  If that's your temperament, the Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten, billed as the first authentic European beer garden on the Jersey Shore, is not your barrel of beer.   More.....

August 6, 2015, NJ monthly

Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten- A hip evocation of an Old World beer hall brings the Shore a two-fisted festival of wursts, schnitzels, strudel and 90 beers

A block from the bustling restaurant row along Cookman Avenue, Festhalle adds a welcome new dimension to Asbury Park dining. Actually, it adds a couple of dimensions. One is the roof deck, with its bar, food carts and ocean view, the only restaurant roof deck downtown. Another is the updated but still tradition-steeped Austro-Hungarian menu, the vision of Andy Ivanov, a native of Slovakia who has created similar Old World beer halls in Brooklyn (Radegast) and Hoboken (Pilsener Haus).   More....

July 16, 2015, New York Times

Review: At Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten, Authentic Beer Garden Meets Jersey Shore

When I walked into the Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten for the first time, I was told that my friend and I could sit anywhere we wanted. But where?

Should we pull up a bench at one of the communal tables in the cavernous festival hall (“Festhalle”), which looked like the inside of a 20th-century factory, or find a spot in the sprawling rooftop beer garden (“Biergarten”)?

May 21, 2015, Asbury Park Press

Hot spots for nightlife in Monmouth, Ocean

The broiling sun goes down, the air cools, and you come back to life.There's no "early to bed" around here. You want live music, a crowded dance floor, and a decent wine list. And you're willing to go to three or four places tonight to get it all. So where do we want to go on this perfect summer night? Let's decide over drinks. What follows is a tip-of-the-iceberg sampling of places to say "cheers" to summer.  More...


May 15, 2015 

Shore Guide: What and where to drink beer

In the last two years, the number of breweries in New Jersey has more than tripled. Good luck finding their beer down the Shore.That's because quantity, not quality, is still the key to beach-town beer consumption. The raucous, rocking bars of Wildwood, Sea Isle City, and elsewhere along Ocean Drive are all about Stoli Razberi drinks and buckets of fizzy yellow liquid.Yes, you'll spot an occasional local beer mixed in among the taps. But a true craft-beer bar down the Shore is as rare as a seagull without an attitude. More...


May 14, 2015, Asbury Park Press

5 Reasons to check out Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten

There's something very exciting on tap on Asbury Park's Lake Avenue. This spring, the city by the sea has welcomed into its watering hole ranks the Asbury Festhalle and Biergarten, a hotspot which bills itself as the Jersey Shore's first Austro-Hungarian biergarten. We recently headed over to the Biergarten and got the scoop from general manager and partner Jennifer Lampert and founder Andy Ivanov on what you need to know about this new booming destination. More...


May  12, 2015, NJ.com

Maifest continues in Asbury Park and Hoboken

The German spring welcoming party known as Maifest continues with what seems to be a never-ending May party. However, there is no requirement that you have to be of German descent to take part in the celebration. Those looking to join the celebration with friends as well as complete strangers should schedule a stop at Hoboken's Pilsener Haus — where Maifest continues through May 23 — or the Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten — where the festivities keep rolling through May 30 — in their weekend planner. More...


May 8, 2015, ZAGAT

10 Hottest restaurants on the Jersey Shore

Planning to get away? You don’t have to leave fine dining behind. Great restaurants are no longer a city-only asset, as evidenced by these 10 hot new eateries along the Jersey Shore. Here’s where to enjoy ocean breezes, interesting food, craft beer and creative cocktails, all at the same time. More...


May 7, 2015, Asbury Park Sun.com

Festhalle parking plan seeks to reduce parking Frustration

To help reduce parking frustrations in the downtown corridor, Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten has established its own four-pronged parking plan that asks patrons to leave the car at home. .Since its February opening, the Lake Avenue venue has been a popular destination for area residents and visitors alike. But that popularity helped push parking capacity concerns for a city already working to improve its parking limitations. More...


April 21, 2015, ZAGAT

7 Reasons to drive to Asbury Park

The Jersey Shore has a bad rap in the food department, but Asbury Park is slowly but surely turning that image around by filling up with gourmet eateries, craft-coffee shops and trendy watering holes. Here are seven must-visit restaurants and bars for your next trip down the shore. More...


April 9, 2015, Don't Sit Home.com

Don't Sit Home's best NYC & NJ Beer Garden Picks

National Beer Day (April 7) has come and gone, but you can celebrate beer every day at some pretty awesome biergartens and beer halls in New York City and New Jersey!  More...


April 1, 2015, Jersey Shore in Motion

Best Burgers at the Jersey Shore

When it comes to burgers, you may not think of a German Biergarten as having a drool worthy burger, but those German geniuses proved us wrong. All hail the Halle Burger, a delicious hunk of meat topped with tangy red onion slaw, gooey Muenster cheese, tart tomato jam, and a fluffy brioche bun. They even have some delicious Grilled Beet Sliders for you vegans out there.  More...


March 25, 2015 Jersey Bites.com

Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten has personality plus

Yesterday, we were among the lucky ones to walk right in to Asbury Festhalle and Biergarten without what’s become known as the infamous outside wait. By the time we left at 3 p.m., the wait had begun. There is nothing like this restaurant anywhere in the area. The atmosphere is what really makes Festhalle unique: think traditional German beer hall with an industrial vibe. More...


March 24, 2015 The Daily Meal.com

Old World Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten makes waves on the Jersey Shore

The revitalization of Asbury Park, the once popular vacation destination in New Jersey, has scored another victory with the grand opening of the Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten. The Festhalle is the latest in an increasingly long list of restaurants, bars, and music venues that are helping to spur forward the cultural rebirth of a town that long ago fell on hard times. More...


March 20, 2015, NJ.com

Jersey Shore's first biergarten up & running in Asbury Park

In yet another sign of Asbury Park's resurgence as a food and drink destination, the Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten has opened on Lake Avenue, bringing an Old World experience to the storied seashore town. Make that a big experience; the Asbury Festhalle boasts a 250-seat indoor beer hall and a sprawling 450-person-capacity open-air outdoor rooftop beer garden. Those familiar with Pilsener Haus in Hoboken will find many of the same touches at Asbury Festhalle; Andy Ivanov owns both, plus was a founder of Radegast Hall & Biergarten in Brooklyn. More...


March 13, 2015, Bedford and Bowery.com

Radegast Founder Opens Massive Biergarten in Asbury Park

Here’s a fun drinking option if you’re heading to the Pixies/TV on the Radio show or anything else in Asbury Park this summer — Andy Ivanov, a founder of Williamsburg’s Radegast Beer Hall, has converted a former Lerner’s department store into a massive beer garden. The formula follows that of Radegast: 6,000 square feet of old-timey indoor space (there’s a 150-year-old Pilsner Urquell beer tower) matched with 9,000 square feet of outdoor space, though in this case the outdoor space is on the roof.  More...


February 7, 2015, NJ.com

Jersey Shore's first authentic austro-hungarian beer garden opens in Asbury Park

In the new Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten in Asbury Park, patrons won't find any television sets to entertain them. That's because the owners want their guests to experience a true European beer garden, which stresses community interaction. So when Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten officially opened on Saturday, the only electronic devices around were patrons' cell phones - in use for taking pictures.  More...


February 6, 2015, Asbury Park Sun

Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten opening on Saturday

At long last it has arrived — the Asbury Festhalle and Biergarten’s official grand opening will kick-off at noon Saturday. Although this past week’s soft opening allowed local residents to get a taste of what’s to come, the official kick-off features a ceremonial ribbon cutting, Masskrugstemmens contests throughout the day and music by local DJs, said Jennifer Lampert, one of the partners in the business. The Adlers Band will take the stage at 8 p.m.  More...


February 5, 2015, Jersey Shore in Motion

10 things to do at the Jersey Shore this weekend

It’s looking like the weather gods are on our side this weekend. With temperatures around 40 degrees at the Jersey Shore both days and rain possibly holding off until late Sunday night, it’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the multitude of events on our slate. The Jersey Shore is packed full of events this weekend from grand openings to anniversary celebrations, award-winning actors to singing Deadheads, and even face painting. This weekend is going to rock!   More...


January 30, 2015, Asbury Park Press

Asbury's Biergarten finally ready to open

Sauerbraten, schnitzel and pretzels — oh my! Something exciting is under way in Asbury Park. Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten, the much-anticipated Austro-Hungarian beer garden from James Avery and Jennifer Lampert, is getting closer to officially opening its doors. More...


January 21, 2014, The Coaster

Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten will have European flair

The new Asbury Festhalle and Biergarten restaurant is having a soft-opening for a few days this week in anticipation of its grand opening, scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 7. More...