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Jeremy Beck & The Heavy Duty Horns

When you hear Jeremy Beck play and sing, it’s easy to forget that you are only hearing one person!  His soulful, Southern gospel and rock infused voice can soar over the top of any song, and draw you in with a hushed Tom Waits whisper.  Underneath his voice is the framework of the organ and keyboards which can roar like a ten ton locomotive and wrap you up like a Stevie Wonder love song.  The singing and playing come together to create a complete package. What else could you need?

So when the rhythm section kicks in, it’s hard to believe that you could have more funky power coming your way. But there is more! The Heavy Duty Horns, the hard charging horn section led by founder Justin Flynn, adds the the top layer of energy and excitement that makes you dance, shout, and holler.

The band draws on a solid funk and soul tradition of remakes which take hits from other musical styles and other bands and spins them into something new.  Examples of this are the bands remakes of The Beatles “Daytripper” as a funky, dance hall tune, or an updated “What’s going on” that celebrates Marvin Gaye’s urban cry while using the horns to up the urgency and drive home the song’s message. “Love The One You’re With” sounds fresh driven by four horns yet retains a funky 70’s vibe while “The Way You Make Me Feel” sounds like the an alternate version right out of Michael Jackson’s heyday.

The band’s live sets contain these songs mixed in with their originals.  This is where you’ll find the band’s heart and soul.  Drawing from influences including Prince, Tower of Power, Joe Cocker, The Doobie Brothers, and James Brown, the band mixes a dose of latin and jazz music in to create it’s own unique sound. A sound that is always funky and always makes you want to move!



Earlier Event: January 28
Later Event: February 11