Our 1st Memorial Day Weekend and 1st Blog!

It's 10:23 Pm on the Friday Eve of our 1st Memorial Day weekend in the City by the sea.  

The Festhalle is full of fantasiche Beer loving People. The roof is in full swing. Bavarski is jammin  with the Polka. People are Dancing and singing along and we are simply humbled the response to our opening. 

It has been just about 4 Months since we officially opened the door.  our full website has finally launched and there was,of course, no blog written.

Our Blog will explore everything that relates to our concept and who we are as people.  We will talk beer, booze, music, Food, Community and culture.

Our blog will be written by all members of our staff and perhaps a few guest patrons. 

So Czech in and Czech it out!

For now, Happy Memorial Day.  Thank You to all who serve and have served our country.   

Back to work!

Truly Grateful,

The Festhalle