Soul Salutations Yoga & Light Of Day!

Yoga continues in the Festhalle to help shine a light on your spirit and this important cause. The Light of Day Foundation, INC. utilizes the power of music to raise money & awareness in it's continuing battle to defeat Parkinson's disease + related illnesses such as PSP and ALS within our lifetime.

Serena Soffer leads a deep and whimsical Laughing Lotus class, and Scott E. Moore fills the air with ambient R&B-infused live music - as the sun makes its way into the empty cathedral like space.  It's a journey you'll be thankful you took. 

 10am - Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten.  Bring your own mat, donation is $10, with proceeds going to the wonderful Light of Day foundation, who are kicking off their 2016 Events in AP this week.  

The result is deeply blissful.